Andre Pan

The world is a result of surreal imagination

This looks pretty interesting, let’s see what will happen :)

It has been a very long time before SVBTLE finally opened to everyone, I even had forgotten its existence, until someone mentioned.

I wrote a shabby blog application for dumping my own mumble jumble 5 years ago, but due to lack of maintenance in code repository, it’s easily been attacked and spammed, but I DO NOT have time to fix those obvious but irrelevant bugs, so I just created a cronjob on server to rollback the spammed database table (usually Comment) automatically every week, which seems ridiculously weird, but that’s fine for lazy & busy guy like me. Well, I have to admit that thousands of spam comments on single page really helped me to optimized the code efficiency a lot back to the time of coding.

SVBTLE is pretty simple to use, more private feeling than Medium (so far), it looks like an online Write Room to me. By this moment, I found some interesting topics on my Magazine

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